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Mile Cross Community Association was based within the Mile Cross Ward of the City of Norwich on the Northern side of the City here in the United Kingdom.  It was dissolved in 2013 through lack of Community Support.

The Mile Cross estate was created and built before the 2nd World War as an answer to the slums of Norwich. It continues to be developed to this day.

Its homes comprises a mixture of Council and Private housing, and its population too is a mixture of age groups and ethnic backgrounds, it is also considered an area of depravation.

The Mile Cross Community Association has been in existence for many years. It is currently run by a small but efficient group of members and aims to provide support, events and activities for the benefit of the residents of Mile Cross.

News of Chatline and the Mile Cross Festival are now on the relevant pages.

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EEN News story of event

Click the link to Archant EEN - 6th March 2011  Festival Applying for Red nose Grant

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The Community Festival was supported by the following to whom we are greatful.


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